Terms and Options of ISO 27001 Online Training

Coming Soon!

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Purchase options are coming soon! See below for more details.

Terms and Subscriptions for QHSE Online Training

Individuals Small Group Large Group Custom/Corporate Account
Number of Learners  Courses offered are 1 learner per course. N/A 10 25 100+
Price per Course  Reflects quality discounts. N/A $15 $13
Licensed Period Learners enjoy perpetual use of all previously assigned courses if they have accessed the course within the past 13 months. 1 Month 3 Months *Renewable 1 Year *Renewable 1 Year *Renewable
Training Administration Administrators have full control over registration and access to their learner’s records. N/A N N N
Number of Training Groups Assign learners based on department or division, each with its own Training Administrator. N/A 1 2 Unlimited
24/7/365 Availability N N N N
LMS Integration We support SCORM, AICC or Home-Grown LMSs. M M N N
Technical Support N N N N
*License Renewal
Free with Minimum Course Purchase Requirement N/A 10 Courses 25 Courses (or 10 Courses at $15 each for 6 Months) 250 Courses
License Renewal Fee Without Purchasing More Courses $24 per Month $60 for 6 Months $149 for 1 Year $298 for 1 Year